The Company

Digital Trail is a consulting and design company, owned and operated by Jonathan Waite.  Jonathan has eight years of experience with the emerging genre of alternate reality gaming, and has helped to design and launch games for companies such as Xenophile Media, Stitch Media and ARG Studios.  Whether it’s moderating real-time campaign assets or designing distributed puzzles for a worldwide audience, we can help you create a memorable experience for your target audience.

Our Work

No Mimes Media: In 2009, I was approached by Steve Peters at No Mimes to work with them on developing an alternate reality game for Cisco. The ARG, titled Threshold, was a way for Cisco to reach out to employees that would attend their annual global sales meeting through a virtual interface. The design process was fun and challenging at the same time, as the target audience was very tech-savvy.

Stitch Media: I have completed two projects with Stitch Media.  In the first, I worked behind the scenes on the Enitech Labs alternate reality game.  This involved some consulting and a lot of puzzle design, with some of the greatest out-of-the-box puzzle ideas I’ve ever been involved with.

The second project that I worked on with Stitch Media was called the Reach the Future Alternate Reality Game.  I was brought into the project very close to the launch of the game and worked at a feverish pace for many weeks as the game unfolded.  I was given a design document to work from, but was given the chance to explore my own ideas as the development of the game took hold.  This was one of my favorite projects I’ve ever worked on.

Xenophile Media: When Xenophile teamed with D20 Productions to create Finding Faith, the alternate reality game tie-in for ABC Family’s Fallen, I was hired to assist with community assets — the players and the press.  I was tasked with moderating the in-game forums, which also involved a bit of role-playing on my part.  I also created a blog in which I summarized daily player activity, press articles and blog mentions.  At the end, the production team had a comprehensive, chronological look at how their game was being played.