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In the beginning…

It’s been a couple of days since Digital Trail has been alive and kicking, and while I’m still busy moving some of the chess pieces around, the various parts of my digital existence are slowly but surely coming together.  The idea for this new company came about a few weeks ago when I was struggling with a decision of whether or not to continue working on a web site I have been a part of for five years, and this became the first domino in a chain of events that hasn’t completely played out yet.  Some of those events haven’t been made public, so I’m not ready to get into specifics, but here are the basics:

Domino 1: Deciding to ‘retire’ from one particular (and significant) part of my life.  This meant finding a replacement and letting others know of my decision.  This still requires some sort of public statement, which is coming soon.
Domino 2: Finishing up my commitments related to ARGFest-o-Con 2009, which I have helped plan for the past twelve months.  This was a major part of my life for the past month, which
Domino 3: Wanting a new image and name for Northtech Computers, a company I created in 2006.

So that brings me to Digital Trail, which I like because it is more representative of the kind of work I normally do for clients — creating or maintaining digital trails for their audiences.  This site represents an entirely new chapter of my life, but I’d like to think of it as a chapter in the middle of my story.  I’ve enjoyed the chapters that came before this one, and hope that the chapters that follow are just as entertaining and enriching.